Congratulations to our very own Mr Alex Wood for completing The Derwentwater Dawdle!

Monday 26th April 2021. 

Alex tackled the gruelling 38km fell running challenge this weekend and completed the event in 6hrs and 49 minutes.

Alex said “This was the toughest physical challenge of my life! The elevation was relentless, climb after climb through the Cumbrian mountains. The heat never faded, with so little cover from the sun the 1ltr top ups of water from checkpoints never lasted long enough. My quads screamed on the way down and my calf’s burned on the ways up. The strategy was to run the flats and descents and walk the ascents, but after about 3-4 hours running was nearly impossible. My body was broken and the wall was truly hit. Thanks to Martin Holohan for looking after me, covering the distance and supporting me.

My first official event completed and I couldn’t have picked a more fun yet more challenging one!

Well done Alex!