Tesla - Timber Cladding.

Tuesday 11th February 2020.


Its brilliant to see the giant electric vehicle manufacturer & clean energy company, Tesla, promoting the use of timber cladding.




Premium timber cladding from our Proclad range can transform the appearance of your project adding value, style, character and a warm natural glow. Timber cladding is an excellent way to protect your home against the elements in a decorative fashion. Below are 6 advantages of using timber cladding on your next project:


1 - Easy Installation

The lightweight nature of timber enables quick and effective installation of timber cladding. The installation of the timber is easy to handle and is thus faster to complete. This helps to drive down construction costs, which makes timber a cost-effective choice for cladding purposes.


2 - Durability

Timber cladding can last for many years when properly maintained. Species such as Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch & Douglas Fir (from our Proclad range) are naturally durable and do not require treatments for exterior applications. Treatments can be applied during the manufacturing process to enhance the durability, prolong the weathering process and give timber a higher resistance to fire.


3 - Energy Efficient

The thermal conductivity of timber is much lower than steel/concrete and this helps to reduce the energy consumption required to heat/cool a building. A minimal amount of non-renewable fossil fuels is required to produce timber compared to other construction materials. 


4 - Versatility

Timber cladding gives potential to create a wide range of designs due to the various species, grades, section sizes, profiles, lengths and factory finishes available. The possibilities are endless. 


5 - Environmentally Friendly

Prowood Limited carry chain of custody certification through Control Union for FSC® CO19594 (FSC® certified products available on request), PEFC, CSA, SFI and MTCS certification schemes.

Timber is a naturally renewable resource, unlike some non-renewable construction materials. Timber is also 100 percent recyclable which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world. 

Prowood Limited view the preservation of forestlands as paramount to the future of our industry. We endeavour to purchase material which has been harvested in a responsible manner and in accordance with the prevailing laws of the land. Regardless of country or environment standard used, a company must practice responsible forestry in order to be considered as a potential supplier.


6 - Acoustics

Your choice of timber cladding can help prevent noise penetration through the walls of your building. Some building materials allow noises to filter right through into the house, however, timber aids in filtering out noises through walls due to its excellent sound absorption properties.


If you are currently working on a cladding project, please get in touch with our helpful sales team. We’d welcome any opportunities to quote for your business. 

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