Our Growth Continues!

Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

To keep up with our customers demand, we recently invested in two brand new machines for our mill: 

Stromab TR500 Matrix - Optimized Precision X-CUT.

12” touch-screen controller, USB port, Ethernet port, LINUX operating software, Capable of storing up to 10,000 cutting lists, Widia blade, Pneumatic lifting of the pusher at the end of the cycle and overhead return at the beginning of the cycle.

OPTI Function, OPTI PLUS Function, Pneumatic clamp, outfeed table extension, Trap door for disposing of trimmed material from headpiece and scraps, Loaders, Supplementary Widia blade, Push feed system lengths up to 14000 mm. longer, Label printers, Ink-jet printers and rapid-cylinder unloader.

Leadermac MRS-350A - Heavy Duty Multi-Rip Saw

  Heavy duty cast iron main frame construction. Designed and engineered for lumber cores, finger pointed panels and material preparation in furniture factories providing high accuracy cutting performance.

Our hi-tech milling, laminating & factory finishing facilities enable us to keep up with large volumes and the high quality standards our customers deserve.